Jeevitha lashes out at MAA president Naresh

Published On: - October 25, 2019

The Movie Artists Association (MAA) controversy is getting intense with each passing day. The committee members are visibly unhappy with their president Naresh. Recently, the general secretary Jeevitha Rajasekhar criticized Naresh regarding his comments. 

When Naresh said that MAA was run successfully under him, Jeevitha lashed out at him. She said that Naresh never consulted anyone regarding decisions and ruled like a dictator. She added that he was stubborn and had run the association on his own set of rules. He would never involve the committee members and treated them badly if questions were raised. His attitude earned him a lot of hatred as she said and he is reportedly short of support now.

Out of 26 committee members elected, only 8 members are supporting Naresh and rest 18 are on their side as per Jeevitha. She questions him on how can he dictate terms if he doesn't have any majority. Looks as if this fight for power is not going to end any time soon.

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