Whistle Review

Published On: - October 25, 2019

Director: Atlee            Producer: AGS Entertainment                            Release Date: Fri 25th Oct 2019 Actors: Vijay

                             Whistle Rating: 2.5 / 5

Whistle Overall: Only For Vijay Fans!

Whistle Story Review:

A Good Samaritan don Rayappa (Vijay) dreams to see his son Michael aka Bigil (Vijay again) lifting football champion trophy so that he can bring change in the lives of his people. But, after Rayappa’s murder by rivals, Michael takes up his father’s path. Now, Michael has got second chance to fulfill his father’s dream. He takes up the job of coaching a state level women football team in National Champions Trophy. Will he become victorious in his attempt?

Whistle Review Advantages:


Second Half



Whistle Review Drawbacks:

Regular Story

First Half

Romantic Track

Football Scenes

Villain Track

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